The Encyclopedia To The Right Shoes

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she will conquer the world.”
If you’re someone who does understand the need for good shoes then do you know when and where to wear them? Do you get confused what kind of shoes to wear on different occasions with different clothing? Here are some tips to pair right shoes with the right outfits!





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These are the most popularly used type of shoe, commonly known as Ballerinas. Ballerinas are very comfortable to wear and come in many designs. Depending on different designs, they can be worn to make your look casual, trendy and sometimes even sophisticated. Ballerinas are best suited with your day-to-day casual looks. You can also wear it in office. Never hesitate to spend more for a good pair of ballet flats, as they can be your saviour when you don’t want to wear heels to your office.





These are a Must Have in any girl’s wardrobe! Adding these to your outfit will instantly glam your look. These heels go best with party dresses especially your Little Black Dress. They give you a very slender and feminine look. You can choose from various styles and designs available which acts as a perfect addition to your look.



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These are the perfect summer heels. Wedges can be worn with any outfit, be it a dress, jeans or shorts! If you don’t want to look too casual with ballerinas and neither want to go over the top with stilletoes, then, wedges are your go-to option. Also, they’re very comfortable as compared to other heels. You can find them in various designs and colours. A classy and chic pair of wedges is all you need to get the perfect look of the day!




Mule is a kind of shoe which is backless and often the front is closed. They’re very much in trend these days. Since they’re open at the back, you can easily slip into them and run off to work! Mules go well with casual and formal looks. You can wear them with a basic white tee and denims and also with a maxi dress! They’re very versatile and comfortable.



As the name suggests, flats are your casual shoes with a flat sole. You can wear these at home, college, on lunch dates with friends and basically with all your casual outfits. You can wear them to run errands. They are super comfortable and also come in various designs. Now-a-days, flats with strings and pompoms are so much in trend and also the furry flats which are so cute and can be worn with any outfit. You can really find endless varieties in flats. A pair of flats can definitely make your maxi dress or pair of shorts look much more stylish without any effort.

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Hope these tips were helpful for all of you. Be trendy! Be fashionable!


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